Rick Ross Vs Gillie Da Kid Heats Up On Social Media!

Rick Ross and Gillie Da Kid are in a heated social media beef. And well…its more like Impossible meat. Still, entertaining!

Gillie Da Kid and Rick Ross are set to square off in an all IG, non-hip-hop, non-rhyming, non-physical battle. This has got to be unprecedented. A rapper turned Podcaster extraordinaire and a supremely talented rapper soon to be Podcaster. They are both dope.

That’s right folks! Rick Ross is about to be a podcaster!

Let’s take it back just a few steps.

Gillie lashed out at Rick Ross. When he lashed out, he basically said that Rick Ross has fallen off and does not know what to do with himself. He basically said that the Miami mogul is a little bored and is now resorting to a number of social media antics. He did that because Rick Ross commented on a situation with Lil Wayne. But he homed in on the COW! Maybe there is beef here if a whole cow is involved.

As a response, Rick Ross made fun of Gillie Da Kid‘s pockets. He basically said that he spends more money on his cows feet then Gilley spins on his whole family. Now that’s crazy. And then he showed off this really dope bear that look like Astroturf. But I digress!


So, Gillie jumps back at Rick Ross. But why did he jump at Rick Ross? Rozay announces today that he is going to do a podcast. And he asks for the Hip-Hop community to give him the name of the podcast. And he offers up a few bottles of his liquor as payment. Now that’s crazy. He has way too much money for that! But that’s another story.

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Anyway Gill KAne goes right back at Ross with an impressive low blow that harkens back to the bosses tenure as a correctional officer.

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What’s next? I’m not sure. But I think this is going to get ugly. I have to admit, I am interested in a Rick Ross podcast. Lately, he has been sharing quite a bit of wisdom and has been sharing the wealth more than one would expect from a capitalist rapper so I hope it’s epic and I’ll be tuned in. And you know, we are all going to be tuned into this beef.

By the way, Rozay but posted his new truck and I think it is a response to Gillie.

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