Rihanna’s Thickness Even Has Chris Brown Lurking!


(AllHipHop Rumors) No one can convince me that Chris Brown doesn’t think of Rihanna everyday. LOL.

Rihanna is one that you can’t get over. She’s one of the baddest. The internet has been super obsessed with Bad Gal RiRi’s new thicky thick body….everyone including Chris Brown.

I definitely think that Breezy wants Rihanna back, and either he was fishing for a little bit of social media attention or he just couldn’t help himself when lusting after Rihanna. No worries, Chris, we alllll have been lusting over Ri!.

Anyway, Chris got caught creeping on the gram all up in Rihanna’s comments. Run Rihanna! Lol. RiRi has already admitted that she’s eating good and living life. We don’t need Breezy trying to come back in and mess anything up.

Brown will be paying for his poor past decision(s) for the rest of his life unfortunately. It’s just sad because it’s like they could’ve possibly gone on to be a long-lasting power couple.

Chris Brown don’t you send her any hey big head texts now!


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