Report: Rod Wave Choked His Baby’s Moms When She Slept, Kids Present

Rod Wave

A new report says Rod Wave put his hands around the mother of his kids’ throat while they were in the room.

Rappers behaving badly is the theme of the week.

The latest is that Rod Wave choked his ex-girlfriend and mother of his two kids when she slept. This new revelation comes as the rapper was booked on felony charges of battery by strangulation. This alleged act of domestic violence is particularly distressing because the 2 kids were in the ROOM.

The Tampa Bay Times says Rodarius Marcell Green aka Mr. Wave stands accused of choking her and leaving a scar on her neck. The way strangling is typically described, there’s going to be fingerprints around the neck.

She apparently had a scratch “near the left center of her neck” and that Rod Waved choked her until she could no longer breathe. YIKES. She dated Wave for four years according to the report, but they were no longer together.

Oddly, she says he choked her for talking to other men. All of the happened with the kids in the same room of the alleged infraction. There’s no word if the kids witnessed this.

Rod Waved looks at maximum sentence of five years in the bing and fines to go with it.