Rolling Loud Rumors: Did Kanye Wear Black Face, Travis Scott Uncanceled, Quavo & Caresha?

Kanye West

There’s so much to unpack from the Rolling Loud Festival. Here are some of the rumors running around.

The Rolling Loud festival has been going on for the entire weekend in Miami. It has been every interesting. There’s been something to talk about every night. But, I am going to home in on a couple of specifics. First of all, did Kanye West undercut and undo former friend and comrade Kid Cudi? Its my understanding that Kid Cudi was the “inspiration” for Kanye’s album 808 & Heartbreaks. That’s another story. Sooooooo…Cudi cut Kanye off and, I think upset the billionaire! Sooooooo Kanye and Cudi aren’t friends. Then, Travis Scott is banned from Rolling Loud due to the Astroworld tragedy.

Kanye was supposed to headline yesterday for Rolling Loud but he canceled in solidarity with Travis Scott. Then they moved Kid Cudi in the headlining slot. THEN, people started to treat Kid Cudi like trash and throwing actual trash at him. One bonked him in the head. He left! It was at that moment that Kanye West came out during Lil Durk’s set on another stage at Rolling Loud! And then later..Future brought out TRAVIS SCOTT! Nobody let poo Kid Cudi in on the gag!

Sooooooooo…..lets talk Kanye West. Did he have on blackface on top of his black face or what??

And then there’s Quavo and Diddy’s young jawn. Are they a thing? Diddy has his other things going on too, so maybe they just have an open situation.

Back to Travis Scott. It seemed like he was welcomed with open arms after being unwelcome with closed fists. I think it is good that they have permitted him back in the house.

But, some have asked about Travis’s well-being.

Some say he looks rather unhealthy and thin. Was he running out of breath in your opinion? It seemed like it to me. It would have been just that he has not been really performing all that much. Future keep him out there longer than he expected, I would imagine. The bros helped the bro up.Most of all, it seems like the Astroworld tragedy has taken a major toll on him mentally and physically. By the way, rumor has it that whole thing has been financially devastating for him as well. I know he got money, but no income often means money goes fast af.

What say you?

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