Sauce Walka’s Whole Crew Hit With The RICO?

Sauce Walka

Sauce Walka is not a wanted man, but his crew has seemingly been locked up for a number of reasons ranging from drugs to guns.

Numerous me, over 14, were nabbed in a RICO sting and the word is they are all affiliated with Houston’s own Sauce Walka. You know Sauce Walka. He’s the son of a professional wrestler that can rap his ass off. He’s also got an impressive reputation. So, when J. Prince, Jr. said something to Sauce on social media, he wasn’t scared at all.

Well, there may be a reason for that. 14 dudes arrested face a rainbow coalition of charges, including drug trafficking, possessing a “Glock switch” and being a felon in possession of a firearm. Well, they are not guilty, but it does not look great. Here’s a list of all the people arrested and charged: Anthony Ketchum, 35; Anthony Yezeno-Hopkins, 38; Brandon Milson, 32; Hassani Mills, 34; Jaylyn Pinson, 29; Josue Rodriguez, 32; Keith Moore, 34; Michael Henry, 32; Myles Smith, 23; Robert Thomas, 29; Sterling Brumant, 26; Titus Baisey, 35 and Toree White, 27,

They had 200 or more federal agents all over the nation on this case. The feds maintain that they are violent criminals and are a threat to the community. They also are reportedly members of the TSF in Houston, which coincidentally is the same crew of the rapper.

“For every criminal that we take off the streets, that’s one less person being victimized,” FBI Special Agent James Smith said. “Guns and drugs. They fuel violent crime. We will keep chipping away at these criminal enterprises to reduce the crime in the Houston area – that’s our job.”

I don’t know how this impacts Sauce Walka, other than his best of buds going to jail. There doesn’t seem to be an link to the rapper that I can see. Of course, I know absolutely nothing!!!