Saucy Santana Seems To Shade Beyonce After “Break My Soul” Hits

Beyonce and Saucy Santana

Beyonce and Saucy Santana are not friends. But they may be enemies if the BeyHive is correct in assuming that there is some form of disrespect going on.

Saucy Santana.

Saucy Santana has been dragged through and through over his disrespect of Queen Bey. Beyonce is doing nothing, but minding her business and yet this MF comes for Blue Ivy (the past) and now her royal highness. Beyonce is clearly not thinking about Saucy, but we are. Nobody comes for Beyonce and lives. The BeyHive is all on it. 

So, where are we today? Beyonce has released her already game-changing song “Break My Soul,” which may mark a change in the way dance music is received. Drake has to be feeling a way, but that is a different story. Anyway, Saucy had some stuff to say about Jay-Z and Beyonce’s firstborn and Kanye ad Kim Kardashian’s first. 

Saucy reported said the disparaging remarks when he was “young, broke, and dusty.” But the moment Beyonce drops her new song, which is clearly dance/house music, Saucy Santana decides to lend her support behind the notorious troll Azealia Banks. 


Peep it.

See, Banksy does dance music pretty readily now. I didn’t think she had any ownership over it or anything, but maybe The Sauce looks at it like Beyonce is taking her swag away. I do not think of Banks as a pioneer in anyway. Anyway, Sauce Monet didn’t stop there. 


This too was seen as a jab to Bey.

We all know Madonna was in the clubs in the 80s. So were a lot of people. Nothing to see here, but the BeyHive is going ham in the comments. Others are saying “just ignore it,” but that ain’t how things go. Saucy apparently has a song also called “Material Girl,” but I ain’t heard it.

I do not think Beyonce cares about this. That’s amazing. Just in case, she should know that I love her and Kelly. 

For the record, this is Saucy Santana:


And This is Beyonce Knowles:

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