Saweetie Classily Booty Claps Back at Haters!

What’s better than some twerking? Well, add a pillow fight into the equation and everyone is guaranteed a good time. Just ask Saweetie!

Saweetie is living her best life. As with any entertainer, she is prone to receive both constructive criticism and blatant hate. So, yesterday (Dec. 15) she had the time. Through her Instagram account, she classily booty claps back at any and all haters.

Thus far, the Queen of Ice has yet to release her debut album, Pretty B#### Music. Regardless, of that the “My Type” MC is already three times platinum. Cunningly, the college-graduate combines her brainpower with her proven business-acumen.

So now, her professional success rivals that of her physical beauty. The public notices. Some even, go as far, as equating her outward beauty with her professional accomplishments. Recently, the Sac spitter has earned two highly coveted nominations.

In fact, these are for Grammy Award for Best New Artist 2022. The other being Grammy Award for Best Rap Song 2022. So, yes, the naysayers are running amuck. Especially, after the recent NYC Jingle Ball tour stop which many describe as celebration of the struggle twerk.

Therefore, Icy Bae strategically shows off another twerk session. She ensures it contains similar heel-clicking choreography as previous performances. The snide caption, “i heard i was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld,” perfectly pushes her unbothered sentiment.

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To end with, a playful pillow fight wraps up the clip. One thing is certain. Icy Season is here. Saweetie, a.k.a. the “Tap In” twerker is winning!