Saweetie Has To Be Trolling Us All With Her Latest Food Hacks

Saweetie (Bel-Air)

If Saweetie thinks she is about to eat like this into her 30s, boy is she in for a rude awakening.

Calling Saweetie’s relationship with her nourishment a “food addiction” is Willy irresponsible—what she’s doing should be labeled “food abuse” or something worse.

I’m definitely over-whoopin’ right now, but something needs to said by someone. Something about these would-be cute food preferences are no-longer fun or worthy of recreating in a “challenge” of some sort. In fact, they kind of make the Icy Girl seem less like a “Foodie Princess” and more like a bing-craver by the looks of her plate.

Her latest crime against cuisines, you ask? A trip to what appears to be a McDonald’s abroad—during which I can say I have never witnessed a person mishandle french fries with blatant disregard the way Saweetie does in the clip. While neither I nor the sources here at AllHipHop can confirm whether the sandwich in the video is a Fish Filet or a McChicken, the amount of ranch, fries and barbecue sauce on top make the sandwich almost unrecognizable.

What’s even crazier about this concoction is the fact that it’s actually a mild creation when it comes to what she’s got cookin’ in the kitchen. I’ve honestly seen it all on Saweetie’s food Twitter—from pizza and M&M’s to Doritos and Sushi and or Beef-A-Roni and Cheetos. It’s a wide and wicked world over there my G—like macaroni and Lucky Charms is so crazy it has to be a pump fake. The texture and temperature difference alone would send me into cardiac arrest.

You can even hear her homegirl go “eww” as Saweetie smiles into the camera and she takes a bite of the fast-food monstrosity. I’m convinced she’s just secretly playing us all and riding the “pretty girl, ugly plate” wave until it crashes ashore. But then again, she did tell Kevin Hart she’s true to the game—not new to it.

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