Scarface & Willie D Square Off Over Geto Boys Grammy Slot

The Geto Boys - Scarface Willie D

The Geto Boys – Scarface & Willie D – have an intense conversation about the Grammys celebrating Hip-Hop and why only one of them performed.

What do we have here?

It has been a little over a week since the Grammys. The highlight of the even was the Hip-Hop 50 medley. There were so many acts on that stage, but it was a bit jarring to see Scarface perform dolo. It was not strange seeing Big Boi with out Andre, because OutKast is largely defunct. But the Geto Boys are still pretty active, even if it is podcasting.

So, they appear to be friends and, if not, friendly. The only thing is, it seems like Willie D was not in the loop when Scarface hit the stage for the coveted moment. It is unclear what Scarface knew exactly, but he knew that he was going to LA to perform. And he knew his writing partner and podcast homie under the Geto Boys umbrella was not.

So in 2023 fashion, they ran it for the internet to see.

Now, the question is: who are you riding with? I will join you all in a spirited conversation in the comments section!