Scottie Pippen Is Not Here For The Future Jokes!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well it looks like Future may not be smashing Scottie Pippen’s wife, Larsa Pippen anymore. Or maybe they have an open relationship. LOL.

As you know, at one point Scottie was filing for divorce, and rumors spread that the reason he was filing for divorce was that his wife was allegedly having an affair with Future.

While Larsa has maintained that her and Future are just friends, word around the A is they have definitely been messing around with each other.

Last year Larsa was allegedly spotted on Future’s jet and flying city-to-city with the rapper, and she was caught at his Miami mansion.

Future was even a bit petty last year as he posted a few cryptic subliminals [aimed at Scottie], one saying “She’s mine now,” on Snap Chat.

Word previously spread that Scottie was calling off the divorce despite the fact that Larsa continued to hang out with her alleged side boo, Future.

Well, now Larsa and Scottie were recently spotted together at the Nice Guy restaurant in Los Angeles. Apparently they have been working on their relationship. Larsa has also been flaunting a new 14 karat ring that she says was an early Valentine’s Day gift.

As Larsa and Scottie were spotted leaving the restaurant, a rude member of the crazy paparazzi decided to ask the couple where Future was!

Scottie looked like he wanted to punch the sh-t out of dude, but he kindly avoided the lawsuit by asking all of the photographers were they “done.” Pippen was visibly mad. Hell I would be too. That is the ultimate disrespectful question especially given the state of their current relationship drama. How would you have handled the situation?

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