See Why Soulja Boy Gonna Die If He Don’t Chill!


(AllHipHop Rumors)
See, this beefing stuff is all fun and “Games” until a big G gets into it. That was me trying too be witty. It looks like OG Wack 100 has issued a warning to Soulja Boy, as lil homie (is SB still a lil homie)? Anyway, the dude is pulling out guns and talking about how he was heavy in the streets. OK.

Just last night, the internet was awakened as SB targeted Quavo from The Migos. Well. Wack100 jumped in, through social media of course, to let it be known there is a “hands off Quavo” policy in Hip-Hop. In fact, I was just thinking about fighting all three of The Migos. Now, I’m not. Jokes aside, here is what Wack said:

Anyway, I feel bad for SB. He’s a cool lil’ dude that seems to want press and attention.Well here it is.

For the record, I don’t wish death on nobody except George Zimmerman.

Your move, Soulja.
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