Sexyy Red Turns Down $40,000 Features, But Is She Making the Right Move?

Sexyy Red - SkeeYee

Sexyy Red is not playing around. The rapper is reportedly turning down feature offers upwards of $40,000! But why? Read the rumors!

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we’ve got some Sexyy Red rumors! Rumor has it that our new “Pound Town” artist is currently passing up on $40,000 features. Can you believe it? It seems like Sexyy Red is playing the risky game—and people are talking.

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So, here’s the scoop: Sexyy Red has been riding high on the wave of success lately, and some folks out there are shaking their heads, wondering if she’s making a huge mistake. We, the people, can’t help but wonder, “Did they really let this dude get rich?” It’s true, Sexxy Red is at the top of her game right now, but some folks think she should be playing it smart and wonder, “Shouldn’t she be stacking as much cash as she can while she’s hot?”

One insider told me, “She better stop acting like she made it already and start stacking those 40 racks while she can.” If I were her, I’d be taking all those features and raking in the dough. Nobody stays hot forever! ALSO: I am not her. So, there’s that.

Some insiders believe Sexyy Red might have a plan up her sleeve, playing the proverbial long game. Could it be she’s got an incoming Drake feature in the works? That would certainly explain why she’s turning down other offers left and right. As you know, Drake was seen with his duck lips all on her. She also said the following: “I did some lil s##t on his song, he sent me a beat, and I rapped for him or whatever. He was f####n with it, so we gon’ see if he drop that b###h.”

Somebody else tipped me, “See, she’s big popping right now, but mark my words, when the meme era is over, she’s gonna wish she took those offers. I’ll say this, regardless of being swept up by a major label, artists like her should be doing more features on their way up.

“Building your network and having a solid body of work is crucial for longevity. Who’s gonna bring you out on stage if you didn’t work with them when you had the chance?”

She’s clearly doing SOME features such as DaBaby and NLE Choppa. Maybe she’s more picky than we thought.

Drake would definitely change this even more. One thing’s for sure: Sexyy Red’s decision to turn down those $40,000 is crazy. Only time will tell if she made the right call.