Sexyy Red Really Does Love Her Some “Dreadhead Hittas”— And Unapologetically So

Sexyy Red

Shake yo dreds and you just might catch Sexyy Red’s eye!

Either Sexyy Red is a marketing mastermind commanding an elite team of media professionals meticulously orchestrating engagement-boosting pseudo-events—or she just lives what she raps about.

Whether it’s the former or latter, Big Sexyy continues to make her preference for “dreadhead” lovers known while promoting her recent viral smash, “Shake Yo Dreads.”

Aside from the countless social media challenge and parody videos flooding my feed following the release, another video in particular caught my eye and appears to be blowing up on the timeline as well. While it remains to be proven whether the video was taken recently or posted earlier elsewhere, a clip of a livestream video broadcast by instagram user @wu2euce appears to show Red cuddled up next to the individual fast asleep.

Again, there’s no telling how current the video is—especially since the clip circulating is the doctored one featured above that includes Red’s previous statement “I like f###in’ wit drillaz…dread head killaz.”

But it’s not like the math isn’t mathing here. We are speaking about the same woman whose incendiary hit “Pound Town” also references her love for men with dreads as she raps, “I’m tryna get my Cochise scratched/You know them dreadheads do it the best (yeah).” Something about the clip resurfacing right at this exact moment makes me think this is a coordinated move, but it also seems super authentic.

Whatever she’s doing, it’ working. It appears rallying up her dreadheaded troops are helping her climb the charts. Her recent project, Hood Hottest Princess, saw a 12-spot jump to No. 64 on this week’s Billboard 200 chart coincidentally.

Dreadheads, y’all boys up one on us braids/waves with the fade boys.