Shawty Lo’s Daughter Blasts “Disrespectful” Fans For Posting Photos Of Her Father’s Body


There have been some pretty controversial occurrences around the funeral of late Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo.

While many are mourning the loss of the Bankhead legend, his fans and even family are finding interesting ways to pay their last respects.

The funeral procession along with Shawty Lo’s hearse made a slight stop at one of Shawty Lo’s favorite spots, Atlanta strip club Blue Flame Lounge.

One of Shawty Lo’s daughters is also furious that hundreds of people have posted or re-posted photos of her father’s body in the casket.

The family had an open casket funeral that was open to the public, but they reportedly asked fans not to take pictures, and those who did to not post them online.

His daughter @1SlimBrat is demanding that people take down the pictures immediately as she called the fans “too disrespectful”.

How do you feel about people taking and posting open casket photos of the dead?

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