Is This What Sick Mofos Are Using Facebook Live For?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) We already live in a sick world, and unfortunately social media gives these sick people a platform.

What in the entire f–k is going on in Chicago?! From a high count of daily murders and violence to live-streamed gang rape man.

A 15-year-old had been reported missing and was essentially found in the worst way.

According to ABC7, Chicago police located the 15-year old and discovered that the teen had been sexually assaulted, and the assault had been live streamed on Facebook Live.

What’s even crazier is that none of the people who watched the live stream called 911!!! Facebook removed the video after they were made aware of the horrific video by the police.

The teen was reunited with her mother, and the police have had a chance to speak to her parents as well as a few leads.

“She was heinously raped, beaten and abused and assaulted on tape – on FB live. So whatever picture people want to paint of her – she was a chronic runaway or whatever – nobody deserves that. No human being deserves for that to happen to them,” said one of the victim’s relatives.

It has been said that about 4-5 people participated in the gang rape.

The teen was headed to the store on Sunday before she went missing. A police spokesperson has revealed that detectives are making good progress as far as identifying those involved in the assault, however no formal arrests or identifications have been made.

It’s crazy that people are normalizing this. While other platforms have live streaming features, it seems like Facebook Live has the most horrific occurrences such as suicides, murders, rapes etc.

I can’t understand how one individual could think it is okay to rape another person, let alone several. The individuals obviously have no moral compass, so they obviously saw nothing wrong with putting it on social media also. SMH!!!