Signs: Creflo Dollar Says He Was Wrong About Taxes Church For $65 Million Jet

creflo dollar

Creflo Dollar says he “unintentionally mislead” his church when they gave him money for a $65 million super jet.

Creflo Dollar.

Creflo Dollar must be trying to get into heaven, as he ages. He is a well-known, controversial Atlanta-based preacher. Remember, he used to mentor Ma$e as he left Hip-Hop into the church. I always found that interesting, because he reminded me of duty but in a spiritual, Christian way. And anyway, Creflo has repented. In a very recent sermon, he admitted that he mislead his flock.

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You might remember, he had them buy him a $65 million jet because he “needed” one. I was never feeling that. But his new sermon seems to be against tithing overall. And he said that his teachings previous to now should be eradicated.

A lot of people still aren’t feeling him. That jet was basically 200,000 people donating $300 apiece. Many others have really gone at him and showed him further for his past behavior and using of the spiritual word for his financial gains.

There is another side, Creflo is clearly rich. This message seemingly against tithing has been met with resistance. A lot of pastors are saying do not stop giving, because we are not cold-blooded capitalists like he is.

One pastor named Sir Walter Mack posted the following:

Creflo Dollars is wrong about Tithing. While I am a pastor and understand the importance of giving , not all of us benefit the way Creflo has. Very few pastors have helicopters, airplanes, $400,000 cars, and mansions from preaching. Many pastors I know are not adequately compensated by the church, don’t have health or life insurance, no retirement plan from the ministry, and having to work 2 and 3 jobs while pastoring just to make ends meet. The only way some of us make it, is because of what we believe God has promised, hard work, the blessings of the people. and the blessings that come from us as pastors tithing.

Read the whole thing here.

Another said:

Until #CrefloDollar has a “Zaccheus” spirit which involves giving the people a REFUND for all the tapes, videos, books, and other materials they bought from him, I am not moved by his “new” revelation on tithing that is still flawed. 

Anyway, what do you think. I am definitely calling this a sign the world is coming to the end because I’ve always felt this way about tithing, especially for people like myself who are poor.

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Here is the whole speech:

By the way, Mason Betha is still preaching in Atlanta at The Gathering Oasis Church.