Signs The World Is NOT Coming To An End: Jerry Sandusky Found Guilty on 45 Sex Abuse Counts


That fool is going to spend the rest of his days in JAIL. Good for him. Shame it took so long for him to finally be found and fully exposed. Too bad his acts tarnished forever the greatness of Penn State football. Anyway. Jerry Sandusky has been found guilty on 45 of the 48 charges against him. Good for the jury, who came back with a verdict a short time ago. I don’t think they even announced it, but dude was lead away in CUFFS and that can only mean one thing. You SHALL DIE IN JAIL, BUDDY! he allegedly abused 10 boys during his lengthy tenure at Penn State under the rule of football giant Joe Paterno. Paterno was like “F**k this s**t. I’m out.” He died earlier this year at the age of 85. Trust and believe the scandal sped up his death. Anyway. Justice has been served and yet and still IT HAPPENED. A sign that the world is slowly but surely coming to an end!

Jail will not be kind to you, old sir.