Singer Claims She Used To Hear Chris Brown Beat Karrueche!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Given Chris Brown’s history, I don’t know man. It doesn’t sound like this singer is making this stuff up.

We all love Chris Breezy as an artist, and he’s undeniably one of greatest performers! I mean who doesn’t love to watch Chris Brown dance?!?!

Despite all of that talent, the singer has been plagued with bad press and legal issues for almost a decade now.

Despite being able to have one hell of a “comeback” after beating Rihanna, and throwing that chair through Good Morning America’s window, the singer will probably never be able to live down the former, especially since he’s had other legal trouble and altercations in the following years, and he gets into it with someone every other week on social media. Chris Breezy with the dance moves definitely needs help!

Anyway Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche, has filed a restraining order against him claiming that he threatened to kill her.

Remember Brown not too long ago recorded a video that made it to social media saying that he was the stalking type, and if he couldn’t have his girl no one else could.

In the report filed by Karrueche, she claims that Brown beat her twice in the past, punched her in the stomach, and threw her down steps.

We live in a sad world where many people, with the majority being women and his crazy fan base, decided to come to his defense saying that Karrueche is lying.

One person who is coming with some “receipts” of her own against Brown is Grammy-nominated singer Kay Cola, who happens to be Breezy’s neighbor. Kay Cola claims she once heard Chris beating Karrueche, and she wants the world to know the truth so that they can stop blaming Karrueche. Cola says she remembers Karrueche yelling at the top of her lungs, and she said some of the violence even made her cry. When asked why she was coming out now, Cola says because it wasn’t her place to tell Karrueche’s truth at the time, but now she can’t stand by and let people say she’s lying.

“Some of y’all make me sick to my stomach talking about Karrueche [Tran]’s lying. I’ve heard him beating her myself. I even called the police: I used to cry over that situation hearing her screaming at the top of her lungs because i am also a victim of domestic violence. Some of y’all are so delusional defending this man! It’s sick! He will never get help or change because of yes man and weirdos like y’all. I never spoke up, cause I didn’t feel it was my place but hearing y’all say she’s lying I can’t just sit by and watch this. I even got into it with Chris [Brown] because his loud a-ss used 2 wake up my daughter. He was rude as f-ck & I had known him since he was a kid. The point is, stop defending these a–holes and always blaming the woman. It’s sad & sick, & is why women don’t speak out. Women literally get murdered by men who act like this and y’all think it’s cute or she just wants attention gtfoh,” said Cola.

Most abusers are repeat offenders. There are three sides to every story, and Breezy does have history. What are your thoughts?