Slim Thug Tells Troy Ave “This Ain’t Belly”


Ever since the fatal shooting that took place at Irving Plaza earlier this week, people have been weighing in with their opinion on the incident. More and more details are coming out, however the entire story is still unknown. Slim Thug decided to speak on the situation by posing a few questions to Troy Ave Slim said,

“You new n-ggas ain’t smart man. You new n-ggas be doing a lot of dumb sh-t man. How you think you finna get away with shooting a man in the club man like people ain’t got cameras everywhere you go. Where can you go in the world where ain’t no camera looking at you. Why are you shooting in a club in New York and you known. You was making some money I don’t care if it was $1,000 a night. This not Belly you can’t just walk in there and chop it up and get away it ain’t real.”

Slim Thug encourages the young ones to get off the dumb sh-t and get on some smart sh-t. What are your thoughts on the entire situation?