With The Smoke! Another Producer Wants To Battle Swizz Beatz & Timbaland!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like this forthcoming Swizz Beatz Vs. Timbaland beat battle has a lot of producers in their beat-making feelings!

Although the battle between Swizz & Just Blaze was super dope, this one will be even bigger!

Fans of both producers have obviously been a bit divided on social media about which team they are on. From what I’ve seen, most folks are going with Timbaland. Don’t sleep, Swizz has some hit bangers also.

Both producers have been going at each other in a friendly yet competitive manner on Instagram as they’ve been taking turns previewing new beats or playing some of their classics.

A few people have boldly stated that they would even like to battle both producers. One producer in particular [to make this claim] was Rockwilder.

Rockwilder seemed a bit nervous about battling catalogs, but he said if it’s strictly about beats, then he would battle both of them.

We aren’t sure exactly how the beat battle will go, but it seems that some fans would rather see the producers go at it by having to make hot beats on the spot rather than battling with their catalogs. Some fans even think it would be dope for both producers to also be given samples on the spot to make beats with.

I’m interested in seeing a battle of creating beats and one with catalogs, to be honest.

Do you think Rockwilder could truly battle Swizz & Timb? Who else would you like to see battle?

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