Snoop Dogg Is Going Back On Death Row!

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is going back to the old Snoop by releasing a new album that will take him back to his roots – Death Row Records!


If you know like I know, Snoop Dogg is back! Recently, he released a compilation album with a whole assortment of people. And that compilation album was pretty darn good. However, it was not a Snoop Dogg album!

If you know the big dog like I know the big dog, you know that he has never really missed a step. He has remained as consistent as anybody in the game. Lyrically, he still on point and you know he is a force in just about every facet of life. He is a money making machine!

Now that he is on Def Jam records I am thinking that he is really and truly something to behold. The big boss!

Anyway, back to the music. It appears the Snoop Dogg is going back to his roots with this new album that he’s announcing for February 13, 2022. Bacc on Death Row. The rapper seems to be suggesting that he is going to be like the old Snoop Dogg.

We already know what that means. What I find to be most interesting is that right now we don’t know anything about what else we will be bringing to the table. Will we be seeing Kurupt, Daz, the Lady of Rage or Dre? Will Suge Knight do the intro?

This is weird though…an album about Death Row being released on Def Jam.

So many questions!

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