Snoop Dogg Revealed Himself As Popular NFT Twitter Account @CozomoMedici

Snoop Dogg

He doxxed himself!

Snoop Dogg has just revealed that he’s behind one of the most popular Twitter accounts in the NFT world.

Crypto-thusiasts were already expecting something major to go down yesterday when @CozomoMedici — an account adopting the persona of a mid-Renaissance patron of the arts with an Italian-American-from-Jersey-Shore flair — announced that he would be doxxing himself.

“My frens VVD & @KeyboardMonkey3 I was afraid you’d forgotten!” he wrote. “Tomorrow’s dox will be historic. Even more so if it turns out we are frens IRL & did not know 🙂 I cannot do noon ET however as that’s 6pm here & Nonna is making Lampredotto. 2-3pm ET could suffice.”

(For those unaware, Lampredotto is a sandwich that originated in Florence, Italy, that’s made from parts of cow stomach. Bravo to Snoop Dogg for referencing a true regional Italian dish and not some wannabe Sopranos-style “MOOTZ AND GABBAGOOL” bullsh*t that literally makes my a** itch. Couldn’t be me eating cow stomach, but if you like it, Mr. Broadus, I love it.)

Anyway, around 3:00 p.m. ET, Snoop Dogg dropped the bombshell in the most Snoop Dogg way imaginable.

And there you have it, folks.

Now, some folks are obviously calling shenanigans on the announcement — but for the most part, folks love it.