Snoop Dogg Talks Tupac Smashing One Of His Main Chicks!


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We all know it went down in the Death Row days, and this is why hearing stories from the era never gets old.

Snoop Dogg took time out to chat with The Drink Champs podcast about his good ol’ Death Row days. The podcast hosts wanted to know how much p-ssy Snoop got during his ‘Doggystyle’ days, but Snoop revealed it was really when Tupac joined Death Row that he got the most a-s!

Snoop said he had another playa to roll with when Pac came along! Snoop even says Pac hit one of his main chicks! According to Snoop, one of his girls always wanted to meet Tupac. One night both of them were in the club, and Pac said he wanted to meet this girl who happened to be one of Snoop’s main chicks.

Snoop says he introduced his girl to Tupac, and he walked off. He says he guesses the girl (at the time his sidepiece) exchanged numbers with Pac because one night, Snoop says he wanted to creep on by and see his girl on the late night tip, and the girl hit him with,

“I don’t think Pac would like that.”

Snoop even talks about Pac having Madonna. Pac was the real Mr. Steal Your Girl!