Social Media Sensation Gets Booed Off Stage During Kendrick Lamar Concert!


Social media sensation Lala (@lalasizahands89) painted a positive picture of how her impromptu performance during a Kendrick Lamar concert went. Judging from the video she posted on her Instagram page, it appeared like she was rocking the crowd. It didn’t take long for other videos to surface showing the truth. Apparently not only did Lala get booed off the stage, Kendrick had to also check her on behalf of the crowd for getting on the stage when she really wasn’t from Houston. Lala posted,

“So @KendrickLamar asked a girl to get on stage and @blameitonkway was screaming for him to put me on– here’s what happened.”

Apparently she edited in footage of the crowd having a good time. Kendrick had to kick her off the stage because the crowd felt bamboozled as he asked for someone to come up and rep H-Town! Lol you have to get this publicity anyway you can nowadays huh?