Somebody Claims They Beat Up Remy Ma?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Just when you think you have heard it all in the Remy Ma / Nicki Minaj dust up….there’s more. Now, this is a very hold video, at least 7 years old. STILL, Gloria Velez alleged in a video that she beat up Remy Ma once upon a time. That’s right. I bet most of y’all don’t even remember the Murda Mamis back in the day! They were a ill female Hip-Hop crew. Even LaLa was one at a point in time. Shout out to First Lady El! Anyway, check out the video and you can judge for yourself! She basically said that the Murda Mamis were infighting a lot and Remy was the hardest one after she left the crew. Well, she says she lumped up Remy. Oh, she also says that Nicki Minaj had mad surgery.

Do yall even remember Gloria Velez is? She goes back to the video vixen days, before Instagram struggle booties took over.