Will Smith & Jayson Tatum Have Somehow Become The Next Halle Berry-Drake Feud

Will Smith

Drake and Halle Berry could NEVER!

It’s actually not that deep, but we may have yet another case of asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission between Will Smith and NBA star Jayson Tatum.

If you’ve been on your Patrick Star swagger lately and living under a rock on some SpongeBob ish then you may not know that Ms. Berry and Drizzy are low-key beefing right now. While I think the entire situation is petty—and contrary to popular belief, I actually do get paid to think—I understand Berry is ticked Drake used an unapproved photo of her for his “Slime You Out” single featuring SZA.

Given the aforementioned scenario, it appears the Boston Celtics franchise player decidedly said “hold my beer and watch this” when getting his new ink. Jayson Tatum debuted the tattoo, which appears to spell out the acronym “UFE,” via a pictorial format featuring black and gray ink portraits of stars and fictional characters such as Denzel Washington, The Joker and more.

Will Smith seemingly caught wind of the tattoo, which includes a portrait of his iconic allergic reaction seen in the film Hitch and had one response and one response only: “I need to know why that pic,” Smith wrote in a comment tagging Tatum himself.

One can assume Smith is simply giving Tatum a hard time and not actually upset about the tattoo and rather flattered by it. However, if he’s actually upset, he should remind himself that it could’ve been worse. Just imagine had Tatum actually chose the viral a photo of Smith during his “Red Table Talk” with wife Jada Pinkett when she confessed her “entanglement” with August Alaina. Or even worse, what if he used the infamous “Oscars Slap” photo? In my opinion, both of the actors really didn’t really get done as dirty as they have lead on. I mean, at the end of the day, Getty Images, the Associated Press and thousands of other media archives already have rights to those photos and almost anyone can license them. What’s the big deal?

Check out details of the tatt in the post below.

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