Someone Take T.I.’s Phone! Tip Is Telling It All On Instagram!


(AllHipHop Rumors) T.I. has been entertaining all kinds of stuff on social media lately!

He went from telling fans and radio personalities to mind their business about his pending divorce with Tiny, to now entertaining their comments.

T.I. and Tiny had been rumored to have been having a rocky open marriage and relationship for years. From the outside, the ‘Harris Family Hustle’ looked perfect, but in the streetz and online there have been all kinds of rumors about infidelity.

I just want to know if the threesomes were really going down Tip and Tiny? LOL. I’m asking for a friend.

Anyway, Tip has had all of the time in the world lately to respond to fans about HIS own relationship. T.I. posted an Instagram post about the definition of irreverence, to which a fan decided to reply to them and define alimony. LOL.

Tip replied by saying,

“I ain’t tripping, she deserve that.”

Another fan also commented that T.I. was allowing his alleged mistress, Instagram model Bernice Burgos to dress him like a NY scammer. He replied saying,

“Never let a – — dress me,- Future voice.”

He didn’t deny that he was smashing Bernice though. LOL. That’s not all, though. His pal, comedian Lil Duval also posted about how baddddddd Niki Murphy still is, and Tip commented saying,

“I’ll go for that.”

He also liked a comment that a fan wrote saying that Tiny was hanging all on Floyd Mayweather’s nuts also. Lawd.

Someone take T.I.’s phone. Despite all that this couple has gone through, I wouldn’t be surprised if they call off the divorce. I believe they still love each other, and we’d love to see them work it out.

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