Soulja Boy Believes He Invented What?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Say no to drugs kids. Soulja Boy has to be on something.

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone wants Soulja Boy to stop with these ridiculous “fake” rap beefs. However, Soulja hasn’t yet decided to let his beef with Migos member Quavo go.

We know Soulja Boy is on something because he thinks he started the internet. Soulja you may have had a run with the ringtone era friend, but the internet was started, and poppin’ long before you forced your way into our musical lives.

Soulja Boy says he put the Migos on, and he has more followers than anyone he’s ever beefed with, so how could he possibly be beefing with anyone for a publicity stunt. SB says if it weren’t for him, none of these other rappers would be on.

Soulja also claims that he is the President’s daughter’s favorite rapper. He already “reminded” y’all that he supposedly still has 50 Cent’s backing and protection, and now he believes he has the Secret Service’s protection as well, because he’s allegedly one of the President Obama’s daughter’s favorites.

When Soulja Boy says “PUBLICITY” in his rant, we can’t help but to fall out laughing. Carry on.