Soulja Boy Claims Chris Brown Called Off The Fight, Wack 100 Says Otherwise


(AllHipHop Rumors) Uh oh! It looks like y’all have to cancel yall’s plans to attend the most anticipated fight of the year!

According to Soulja Boy, the fight is off because Chris Brown’s manager allegedly called his manager and said that Breezy isn’t going to sign the contract.

“Don’t ask me about the sh-t no more,” said SB.

You know Soulja Boy couldn’t stop with just one tweet. Oh no; he unloaded an entire rant.

“Can’t believe this n-gga scared to fight me. Sign the contract b-tch a-s n-gga set up the boxing match. I caught two fades in the street since this whole beef sh-t and I won both fights I guess Chris must heard and got scared. lol come on boy.”

Soulja says he’s pretty disappointed that Chris Brown would talk all of that sh-t only to back down from signing the paperwork. Big Gucci Soulja says Breezy didn’t want to catch those hands, and he warns Brown not to call his phone ever again over the beef or over a girl.

While Soulja Boy has put out his own claims about the fight, The Game’s manager, Wack 100 says Chris Brown still hasn’t signed off on the fight with MissAtlantaBompton’s very own Big Gucci Young Draco Soulja Boy.

In most people’s opinions, the beef and the fight were stupid to begin with. Surely by now, no one can care about this fight. It looks like Breezy has moved on and he is only concerned with his forthcoming ‘Party’ tour, as he should be!

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