Soulja Boy To Pete Davidson: Only I Can Roast Kanye! (Video)

Soulja Boy

Uh oh!

Generally speaking, Ye’s ongoing divorce is causing beaucoup of controversy. From, social media suspensions, to character assaults, Mr. West is going through it. However, he is far from alone. In fact, Soulja Boy warns Pete Davidson, “only I can roast Kanye!”

In the past, both Yeezy and the “No Auto-Tune” artist have had words. Regardless, of their previous situation, that does not diminish from Soulja’s perspective. Moreover, he definitely respects the “Ultralight Beam” MC.

As with any relationship the one between the proven entrepreneur and Kanye is complex. So, this Yeezy scrutiny appears to compel Big Draco into action. Yesterday (March 17), a passionate Instagram Live session is eventually posted to his YouTube page.

The Promise

Known, for his ardent honesty, the candid entertainer gets right to the nitty gritty. “Watch your mouth, Skete!” he admonished. “N*gga talking about, ‘I’m in bed with your wife,’ We will come over there and mush your little ass. Boy, you better stop playing on the phone with some real n*ggas,” SB advises.

Furthermore, the verbal tirade continues. “Kanye ain’t gonna tell you.  I’m gonna tell you.  You better watch your g##### mouth, boy. I don’t like that sh*t…,” the antagonized rapper smolders.

The Clarification

Next, to help rectify the situation, Soulja Boy works to gather the comedian. “I’m the only n*gga that get to talk about Kanye like that, Skete.  Me! Only I can roast Kanye like that,” he insists, “You don’t get permission to roast Kanye like that.  Watch your mouth, son.  Before n*ggas come mush your a**.”

Above all, Kim K doe not out escape the verbal line of fire. Finally, he suggests, “g#####, Kim Kardashian got you feeling yourself a little bit too much.  We gotta bring you back into reality, Skete. Before we got to come skeet skeet your muthafu*kin’ a**.

Next, Soulja Boy Tell Em mentions Kanye’s eccentricities. Yes, he confides, “We all know Kanye a little thowed off. But, you cannot talk to him like that.  I’m sorry, sir. Crazy man, but you cannot talk to him like that. “

To discover everything Soulja Boy had to say, make sure to press play.