Soulja Boy Vs Everybody: Soulja Boy Threatens Migos Member Quavo


(AllHipHop Rumors) Your favorite rapper Soulja Boy is back at it again with the bull.

At this point, it’s clearly Soulja Boy vs. THE WORLD.

Soulja Boy just can’t “get right” we swear. The rapper took to Instagram yesterday to post screenshots of a conversation between himself and Migos member, Quavo, about not rocking with people 100% and fake kicking it.

Soulja Boy proceeded to remind Quavo that he introduced him to Travis Scott and Sean Kingston before escalating the texts to threats of violence. It also seems like Quavo distanced himself from Soulja in favor of backing Lil Yachty. When Soulja said he didn’t know there was beef, Quavo responded saying beef is a whole ‘nother ball game.

SB invited Quavo to pull up, but apparently he was a no-show. Soulja Boy has even dropped a diss song called “Beef” aimed at Quavo.

“Quavo say he want some beef with me, huh? F-ck Quavo, f-ck Migos, pull on your block with a Draco,” raps Soulja Boy.

Soulja only gives Quavo a verse as he explains that it’s all the “p-ssy-a-s n-gga” deserves. Can’t we all just get along?!

Soulja Boy is even alleging that Quavo is upset with him over him beefing with Lil Yachty over India Love. He also claims that Quavo stole his swag.

If that wasn’t enough, Soulja Boy is upset about the Migos dissing Famous Dex, and he even calls them out by saying they aren’t really from Atlanta.

“Y’all n-ggas don’t even get a second verse, p####-a-s n-gga. You only get one verse, n-gga. You’re calling my phone, talking about you want some beef, n-gga, talking about you don’t wanna fake kick it? F### you talking about n-gga? I ain’t get that way from y’all b-tch-a-s n-ggas. I get that way from Famous Dex, y’all was dissing Famous Dex in y’all song, ‘Your artist be stealing my swag,’ you’re talking about Rich The Kid artist, that’s Famous Dex, y’all n##### is h-es,” says SB.

Y’all are beefing through text messages now?! Someone get Soulja Boy some help.