Sources: Sukihana Used To Be “Conscious”


Sukihana and Dr. Umar may have more in common than we thought!

Remember this?

Sukihana is a fan of Dr. Umar Johnson. Suki previously expressed that she wanted a “situation” with the good doctor. She took her wild thoughts to her song “Grinch” rapping, “I want to f##k Dr.Umar and leave him woke right now.” This turned into Dr. Umar replying to her.

He said: “I am about work. I believe that sister does care about her people. I believe that sister does love her people. I believe that sister is ready for some guidance, and I’m willing to provide the guidance, but it’s business over the backshots.”

This was an interesting back and forth to me that FINALLY makes sense. The rumor is that Suki used to be “conscious” as a person. Now, I know some of you are going to say, “You can be conscious and nasty at the same time.” But, what I am saying is she used to be conscious-conscious, according to my snitch. She wasn’t looking, dressing or acting like she does today. She had an entirely different way of moving than she does now. In fact, she would’ve been the sort of woman that Dr. Umar would not have had to have a conversation with, my trusted source says.

I can’t exactly reveal how I know this, but we can just say that a lot of stars aligned in this rumor. First of all, you know Suki is originally from Delaware. Dr. Umar is presumably going to open a school in Delaware. AllHipHop’s roots are also in Delaware. Do you get the picture? So, there is a lot going on. On a serious note, if you have listened to Suki, she admits to having some sort of knowledge and sense in her head. Her and Dr. Umar could be a conscious power couple with a couple of changes!

On another note, she has been the subject of a lot of talk for her “other side.” Devoted followers of Sukihana are well aware of her untamed and unrestrained nature. Regrettably, certain unsettling incidents from her past (squirting) was captured on camera. They have resurfaced to haunt her. Another video has her reportedly twerking on Boosie Badazz’s dog. I can’t even begin to talk at length about this not-safe-for-work video, supposedly from Sukihana’s OnlyFans account.

I am sure you all are seeing this on Twitter, meanwhile I am on Threads. FOH, Elon!