Did Steve Harvey Stop Future From Getting A Thanksgiving Plate!?

Future allegedly tried to come to the Harvey Household for Thanksgiving and was blocked by the big.

(AllHipHop Rumors) It may be possible that these rumors about Lori Harvey and Future are true because there are already follow up rumors! Lori Harvey is not really making the best decisions in her relationships and it seems like her family has stepped in. Steve Harvey is the big boss and I think the big boss has put is foot all the way down!

I am not certain, but I don’t think Future is like his NJ brother Fetty Wap. They both have a ton of kids, but I get the impression that Fetty is a bit more present. Now, I know Future is not a bad guy, but I think his reputation says otherwise. Steve Harvey probably knows the reputation more than anything. 

They are saying Steve Harvey uninvited Future to Thanksgiving dinner! He also reportedly made it clear that he is not able to go to any Harvey family functions whatsoever! Strong words indeed! I think that Diddy situation was the final straw. I don’t know what happened with that – nobody does. But I believe he tolerated the f#ckery then. Diddy has a solid image on the surface and is also approaching billionaire status too.

MediaTakeOut says they spoke to somebody that said Steve spoke the real.

But when Steve found out that the rapper was coming to his home – he put his foot down and said “Hell no.”

MTO News spoke with a Harvey family insider who told us that Steve Harvey un-invited Future and he told daughter Lori that she can NOT bring the rapper to any family functions, or to any of the Harvey’s many homes.

What do you think?