Stevie J Says He Raised Eve & Showed Her How To Be A Woman!


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E-V-E has come a long way since her Stevie J days, clearly, as the female emcee is married to billionaire Maximillion Cooper, and Stevie, well Stevie is on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Although Eve seems to only want to focus on the present and future, people always ask her about her past, particularly her past with Steebie.

Eve recently stopped by The Wendy Williams Show and told Wendy she didn’t remember much about dating Stevie J.

Of course Stevie didn’t take this well and he decided to throw a couple of jabs at Eve when he stopped by VH1’s new show VH1 Live.

Marc Lamont Hill brought up the fact that Eve hosted the VH1 Hip Hop honors recently, and the fact that Eve said she didn’t remember dating Stevie J. Stevie said,

“I showed her how to be a woman. I raised her. We dated for a while. When I met her she came into my living room with cut off jean shorts and Timberlands. I turned her into a Chanel, Fendi, Prada, Louie girl.”

Oh Stevie. Shout out to Eve for sliding out with the upgrade.

VH1 Live!