Stitches Issues Threats To Kanye West!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Stitches just won’t disappear huh?

Unfortunately Stitches made his way back into headlines last year when he was arrested on drug and gun charges after illegally parking in and handicap space, and Stitches somehow always finds his way back into the spotlight it seems.

Now the “rapper” is trying to steal the spotlight by threatening to fight Kanye West and impregnate singer Taylor Swift, all to promote his new song.

Issa tragedy! Stitches was attempting to get fans to promote his Swift and Zayn “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” remix titled “I Just Wanna F-ck You.”

The song is pretty much garbage, so I guess that’s why he turned his attention to Yeezy.

“Listen up, I want all my fans to go to Taylor Swift’s page and write, ‘Go listen to Stitches’ new “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” remix. So listen up Taylor, I’m with you baby. Next time I see Kanye West, I’m going to knock him the f-ck out for you. Yeah, I promise that. After that, I’m going to lick your a-s. You can come marry an ex-drug dealer and we can have a drug dealing baby. You know what I’m saying?” said Stitches.

Ye or Taylor probably won’t be responding to this mess. Stitches better lay low before he gets himself arrested again. Carry on.