Styles P Announces Retirement – With A Catch

Styles P Will Be On "Couples Retreat"

Styles P has decided to retire from various aspects of his illustrious career. Read up on what changes are about to occur with The Lox General.

Without a question, Styles P is one of the best rappers ever to touch the mic. For decades, he has had the consistency of a real master. And his solo work holds up with just about anybody. Last year, he dropped a new group effort with Havoc, Wreckage Manner. Well, some stuff is about to change with a Gangster-slash-Gentleman.

He has announced his retirement from solo work. That kind of sucks, but the good thing is he revealed that he will continue with music with The Lox. I know SHEEK and Jada are relieved! I know Jada is revered, but Styles has the biggest solo body of work out of the three of them. He explained his reasons in an IG post for all to see.

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I say this with a deeper over standing of self and evaluating the status of my own mental health. I have noticed I have become less spiritually healthy than I used to be . I believe I have run myself down a tad bit over the past few years. Being a super hard working emcee and a health advocate. For one, I’m not really that great at multi tasking it’s actually my drive that keeps me going and that slack falls back on my family, business partners and co workers. I thought about it harder and came to the conclusion that I need to walk away from my solo career period ( I think I gave y’all enough ). I will just do LOX s### and a feature here and there if it moves me . I’m about to be a board member on several very important boards (I am not at liberty to mention right now and a few other ventures that I also care not to mention right now ). My main focus is trying to push @farmacyforlife to the next level. I’ve realized I slacked and never adequately traveled to the juices bk location , the fordham location and barely go to the Tremont location. This isn’t fair to my partners nor is it inspirational to the youth that are watching. It’s also not fair to myself to be honest with you . For that I apologize. As a result, I am stepping away from @juicesforlife as a co founder and owner . I believe, Rather I know , the people are In good hands with my partners and brothers they have the same passion and drive and care for the people as I do .. so y’all good . Of course you will see me In the spots and of course I’m going to keep pushing the movement when it comes to health . I just gotta go figure a better way to do it and not harm myself mentally nor inconvenience others anymore. As far as any juices for life business goes I will plug you with one of my partners and the job will get done! The people need their health. Never forget, the message is always bigger than the messenger!!! So if you know the way, spread it . That is all that counts!!

Love is Love
Ghost ……

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