Could The Suicide Of Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Have Been Prevented???


(AllHipHop Rumors), Yesterday, July 20th at approximately 9am PST at his estate in Palos Verdes Estates, California, Chester Bennington gave up on his life long battle & committed suicide. Sources say his wife & children were out of state during the time of his death. No update as of now as to what city the family were in. The musician had a typical upbringing as a child, two parents who both worked hard to make an honest living. His mother was a nurse and his father was a police detective. In his early years, Chester became a victim to sexual abuse from an older male friend. He was afraid to share the horrific news with others. The fear of being perceived as homosexual and a liar daunted Chester.

Although we know that Chester suffered many emotional battles, the question still remains.. Could this death have been prevented??

The band released an album in May of this year, titled, “One More Light”. As I listened to each song, it struck me like a bolt of lightning! The titles to each song stuck out like a sore thumb. Think about it. Titles like, “Nobody Can Save Me”, “Invisible” & “Sorry For Now” will really make you believe that this suicide was all planned. When you listen to the beginning of “Nobody Can Save Me” you will hear Bennington recite words, “I’m dancing with my demons. I’m hanging off the edge. Storm clouds gather beneath me. Waves break above my head. At first hallucination. I wanna fall wide awake now. You tell me it’s alright. Tell me I’m forgiven. Tonight. But nobody can save me now…”

Based from those lyrics alone, it’s evident that the singer has been crying out for help, which seems like for many years now. Could he have attempted to seek help? Was he turned away? Was he frowned upon or ignored? Maybe his music was his cry for help. The closest ones around him, never really knew or fully understood the deep darkness that hid inside, wishing to escape, like the Netflix original series, “13 Reasons Why”. In the series, the main character left behind audio tapes, labeled 1-13. With Chester, he left behind an entire album of songs.

No one will truly ever know or begin to understand the pain he had to endure or why he chose suicide as a way out, but one thing is for certain, his music will forever be timeless.

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