Summer Walker Blasts Trolls After Recent Social Media Post!

Summer stands on her beliefs.

Summer Walker blasts internet trolls after a recent social media post. So, the celebrated singer-songwriter is standing her ground. As a matter of fact, she has a lot to say. Of course, she is doing just that.

First of all, the critically-acclaimed artist embraces her eccentric ways. From time to time, these very unapologetic antics try to rival her creativity. However, her talent always takes center stage. Well, most of the time.

As of late, the “Stretch You Out” vocalist is learning how to best balance her schedule. As a professional entertainer, and a Savage X Fenty brand ambassador, she continues to optimize that very time. In addition, to raising her beautiful daughter, Summer invests energy into fortifying her spirituality.

The Intention

Recently, her supermarket trip is scrutinized and drug to social media hell. By and large, the Over It chanteuse aimed to highlight her healthy eating choices. The caption offers highlights her thoughts, “lmaooo the progress chyle , I remember when I would be arguing with Wendell bout throwing my brownies chips and jiffy cornbread out😂 he literally threw my whole pantry in the trash. Oh how far we’ve come.”

Nonetheless, her intention is largely ignored. Rather, it’s the unconventional attire which draws the most attention. From, the petty Puritanical comments to the downright disrespectful digs, the slander is real. However, Summer Walker is not embracing the foolishness.

The Reaction

So, in a follow up IG interaction, the Still Over It crooner responds. “who’s the clown, the ones trying to reconnect to STOLEN practices ? or the ones who can’t see the importance of their own culture ?” she inquires.

Furthermore, the musician mentions, “also i know yawos aren’t supposed to post themselves but i got blessings from my godparents to post myself for work. I wanna show how you can do your job and still be a yawo while still rejecting vanity.

Finally, she stands by her attire and her actions. Above all, she insists, “’m doing this publicly to show how important it is to be in African religions / to de-stigmatize them.”