T.I. Blasts Floyd Mayweather For “Irresponsible” All Lives Matter Comments


Although T.I. and Floyd Mayweather have settled their differences in the past, Tip couldn’t let Mayweather’s “All Lives Matter” comment slide.

T.I. has been a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, even proving so in his recent BET Hip Hop Awards performance.

Instead of clowning Mayweather, Tip expressed that he wanted to take a moment to enlighten him.

Floyd made some pretty controversial statements in telling African Americans to “follow directions, follow order, and don’t give nobody a hard time,” in addition to his “all lives matter” comment.

T.I. called the boxer’s comments socially irresponsible, inconsiderate, and insensitive. He also called on Floyd to use his role, power, and influence as a leader in a responsible manner.

“This is socially irresponsible,inconsiderate,& insensitive. It mirrors delusional oblivion in a way only brainwashing tactics can achieve. This completely undermines & discredits the movements that fight for the plights of our people. You’re a leader whether you know it or not. Don’t get so lost in personal possession or individual achievement that you lose sight of the things that are larger than all of us.”

T.I. went on to say,

“Freedom, equality, justice, human rights,qualities of life that have been withheld (or given out sparingly) from our people for generations (400 yrs approximately). A true champion is a man of the people. A true champion makes sacrifices for the people & takes a stand against injustices for those who may not be strong enough or able to do so. A true champion is great inside as well as out. There’s a difference in “Greatness” & being “Great” at something. “Greatness” isn’t a measure of your abilities & accomplishments, “Greatness” is a measure of your morals,integrity & principles throughout life. Oppression knows no neutral ground. Either you’re the oppressed,or you’re the oppressor. What side would you like to believe you’re on?”

Since T.I. only wanted to empower and enlighten Mayweather, it would be nice to see them join forces in the fight for justice.

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