T.I. Checks A Fan Over Violating His Personal Space.


(AllHipHop Rumors) Sometimes fans take it TOO FAR!

Y’all keep forgetting some of the rappers are real ninjas, especially T.I.

T.I had to let a male groupie fan know that he was getting way too close for comfort. Apparently the altercation started when T.I. agreed to take a selfie with the fan, but he decided to take about 6 selfies.

T.I. became annoyed when the fan took a million selfies, stood too close to Tip, and then began to lean on T.I.’s car. T.I. just wanted his personal space.

The fan got offended saying that Tip was trying to talk that gangsta sh-t, and Tip says he was just kicking some real n-gga sh-t because he felt that he doesn’t know the man, and he was standing way too close.

I’m not mad at T.I. though for wanting his personal space, and being uncomfortable especially since he’s a celebrity. You never know what some of these “fans'” motives are, or what they could do to someone.

I’m dying laughing at the fact that T.I. told the fan that now that he took the photo it’s time to say goodbye.

That’s not all, T.I. then had to let the fan know that he felt that was some gay sh-t for him to continue to violate his personal space.

T.I. certainly handled himself well considering that situations like this are definitely threats to one’s safety especially since T.I. wasn’t with his armed bodyguards this day. How would you have handled the situation?