T.I. And Tiny Again Respond To New Accusers And Ask Them To Reveal Themselves!

Tiny and Tip want to start defending themselves asap!

When are we going to see the people that are accusing T.I. and Tiny of various sexual and gross improprieties? Most recently three more people, women have stepped forward to accuse them of a number of other allegations. I think we have heard a lot about the claims and very little about who is doing the accusing. More than that, we have yet to hear from a cop, law enforcement or even a DA.

I am not saying there’s nothing going on OR that this is just an epic smear campaign! I am saying lets get it going. Charge them, don’t charge them, but lets bust a move. The couple continues to vigorously deny the allegations, but are simply waiting for the people who are accusing them of these things to reveal themselves.

Through their lawyer, they issued the following statement:

“The Harrises continue to wait for the accusers to reveal themselves publicly. By hiding behind anonymous allegations, the unnamed accusers effectively render themselves not credible and unworthy of belief. We say: Stop trying to manipulate the press and misuse the justice system, and let the light shine on their identities so we can go about disproving these scurrilous accusations.” 

Here is the previous report from AllHipHop:

Three additional women have stepped forward to accuse the rapper and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris of sexual impropriety and assault. 

The women have hired the attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn to represent their collective interests. The firm’s spokesperson shared that he was in conversations with “investigators from multiple jurisdictions to pursue criminal charges.”

One woman claims that once the two stars of VH1’s The Family Hustle reality show once “pulled out a pill and forced her to swallow it.” 

She further alleges that their security took her phone while the three were in a South Beach hotel room. Then the “Whatever You Like” rapper “forced her to take a powdered substance from his finger.”

She continues her account by saying, “[Tiny] undressed her and proceeded to engage in sexual intercourse. She said her body was numb, the room was slowing down, and she could not consent.”

Her story is like one of the other women who have recently come forward. The difference is that in her account, another man was involved and she flat out accuses them of “drugging and raping.”

The third woman reports that she was drugged and assaulted across three states: Nevada, California, and Florida.

This is going to be a hot year, no matter the season. I can see that Tip and Tiny are probably flustered at this shadow league of accusers, because they are like fish in a barrel. I supposed we’ll find out at some point.

Here’s a throwback.