Did The “ATL 2” Trailer With T.I. And Lauren London Just Drop? Not So Fast, Internets!


You think there’s an ATL 2 trailer here, but the internet is a tricky place!

Who remembers the movie, “ATL”? That was my favorites movie for the longest time!

Remember this?

Atl Ti GIF - Atl Ti Newnew - Discover & Share GIFs

Not too long ago it was made public that an ATL sequel was being made. However, T.I., Chris Robinson, and others have not exactly gotten it done – yet. According to press reports, it has been in “development hell.” The original movie dropped in the year 2006 and made over 20 million at the box office on a budget of $7 million. As you already know, those margins make a lot of sense for a sequel. Also, it made history by garnering numerous awards. It has been 15 years since the original hit theaters, and now there seems to be a sequel. This website or Twitter site seems to have a trailer, but is it real? 

Check this out.


Well, what did we do? We went straight to the source and hit up T.I.’s representative, who knew nothing about this. In fact, there is no other outlet reporting anything about this trailer. A lot of sites have begun to permeate with their own reports as if this is a real trailer, but I do not think it is. I believe it is a full-fledged fake.

So you can take this to the bank and thank the Internet for getting everyone gussied up for the ATL to reboot, or remake, or resuscitation! But I don’t think this is what is reality. I am sure Tip will be commenting soon.