T.J. Maxx Says”No Yeezy Brand In Our Stores”

Kanye West

They jumping on Kanye’s back!

T.J. Maxx has jumped on the bash Kanye West tip and said they will not allow the Yeezy brand in their stores! First of all, I am thinking that they are jumping ahead of themselves, because I have never seen his brand in T.J. Maxx. They didn’t like what he said about Jewish people either., So, somehow they have jumped into the fray after those damned anti-Semitic and anti-Black comments.

T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and Home Goods will never buy Yeezy for their stores.

“At TJX (the parent company) we do not tolerate discrimination, harassment, or hate of any kind. We have instructed our buying teams not to purchase this merchandise for sale in any of our stores globally,” they said in a statement.

I hate that they did that, because we know this dude has never been sold in no T.J. Maxx!

On the real, I think they believe that now that he’s lost his deal, there’s going to be a trickle down. This is the same why those White Lives Matter shirts are with homeless people is the same thing they think is going to happen to TJX! I actually agree with that. They think it will eventually make it to their stores. Now we know it won’t!

Anyway, Go Kanye, Get Busy!