T.I. Tells His Scales 925 Restaurant Employees It’s Not His Fault They Didn’t Get Paid!


Uh oh! It looks like things still aren’t looking too good for rapper T.I. and his restaurant Scales 925!

According to TheJasmineBrand, Tip has to head to court to face a legal battle with former employees that are suing him for over $50k in unpaid wages.

T.I. feels that he isn’t responsible for what happened with these wages, and he wants the entire lawsuit against him dropped!

T.I. went to court on September 15th, and told the judge he didn’t have control over the structure of employment, and he wasn’t responsible for the day-to-day operations at his restaurant, Scales 925. Furthermore, he wasn’t over payroll or hiring or firing employees.

Tip believes that no proof exists that he is individually responsible for the alleged owed wages.

12 employees sued T.I. and his business partner Charles Hughes earlier for “stolen wages”, and for refusing to pay their last paycheck. The employees said that they weren’t paid for overtime and sometimes their checks would bounce.

Scales 925 has also been accused of not paying rent and has been facing eviction. Rumor has it that the restaurant may have actually closed it’s doors already.

Dang! We wonder how this will turn out!