Talib Kweli Puts Chrisette Michele’s Fiance In His Place


(AllHipHop Rumors) By now, most of Chrisette Michele’s fans aka the black community have written her off for performing at Donald Trump’s inauguration ball.

One person who always has time and wifi is Talbi Kweli, and I’m certainly here for it. LOL. It’s always entertainment.

Talib along with much of Black Twitter has been getting Chrisette together for days now, before and after her Trump performance.

Kweli was pretty upset about Michele deciding to go on with her scheduled performance. He was bothered and disappointed by it that it even p##### him off even more when Chrisette’s fiance, Doug Ellison, took shots at Spike Lee, for publicly announcing that he’d no longer be using Chrisette’s music due to her decision.

Doug responded to one of Talib’s post hinting at his belief that Spike was using Chrisette’s media buzz to promote his own work,

“@TalibKweli ‘OG’s’ don’t use IG to advance their own promotion on the back of someone who’s carrying the burden to unify,” he posted.

Talib clapped back exposing Doug’s faulty logic, and asked him to stick to being ignorant to make himself and Chrisette feel better about accepting that check, while still asking him not to come for the OG Spike Lee!

What are your thoughts on Chrisette Michele performing for Trump? Do you think her career will be over now? Chrisette is a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, but I knew her train was off the track when she got engaged to a man who once sued her for $20 million.

But here’s the real gag apparently Chrisette was disowned by her family, and she didn’t even get to meet Trump after she performed. Carry on.