Was Talib Kweli Kicked Off Twitter Or Did He Quit?

Talib Kweli says he has departed Twitter, but rumor has it, he was kicked off.

(AllHipHop Rumors) Talib Kweli has been allegedly kicked off Twitter after harassing a woman for weeks. The rapper’s profile has disappeared from the platform after a 24-year old woman maintained he consistently berated her since early July. It seems that Talib has left the Twitter-verse for Patreon. It is pretty much universally accepted that he was kicked off because of the alleged harassing Maya Moody. There has been no official word so we can just keep using the word “allegedly” a lot. It all started so stupid! Maya replied to a tweet about Black men married to light-skinned women. A guy started the tweet and she was just somebody the commented in the thread. This poor woman received death threats from Talib followers, she said, and was the recipient of hundreds of tweets. There are others who have complained about getting harassed by Talib as well and it seems as if it is all over now.


One thing is for sure, Talib has not missed a beat. His Instagram, has quite a bit of content. 


After looking a bit farther, it seems like the people on Twitter have gone over to IG to troll Talib.