Tamar Braxton Hurt By K. Michelle & Chris Brown Comments


Tamar Braxton had an emotional breakdown on a recent episode of “The Real” as she and her co-hosts discussed bullying.

After Jeannie Mai asked Tamar to give advice to her son Logan on dealing with bullies, Braxton broke down in tears because she still “deals with it today.”

Tamar: “I feel like a horrible person, I don’t have any advice to give my son because…”

Tamara: She’s still dealing with it.”

Tamar then went on to talk about a “certain person” (K. Michelle) who has “the whole world” calling her a muppet.

“I was just asking my husband the other day…[…] a particular person started saying I look like a muppet. People say it so much that sometimes, I start to believe it. And so I even asked Vince I’m like; ‘Do I look like a muppet?’ and he said ‘Absolutely not! But this person has the whole world calling me that and it’s just so devastating because it takes me back to high school and there’s nothing I can do about it, but what I can do is what Jeannie does. Thank you Jeannie. I can act like the world is all peaches and cream and taste like strawberries, so I’m going to take that with me today.”

Check out the video below.

K. Michelle was clearly informed of Tamar’s words, and she made sure she responded. Check out her response below. Remember when Chris Brown called her a muppet too?

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