“Tasha Ain’t Learned Her Lesson Yet?” Megan Thee Stallion Likes Post Denying Rumors Put Out By Blogger

Megan Thee Stallion

Fans and supporters call YouTuber out for being messy.

Video blogger Tasha K continues to target high-profile rappers with gossip and the sharing of information about their personal lives. This time she is aiming at Houston’s own Megan Thee Stallion, claiming on an Instagram Live with Nicki Minaj that the “Hottie” star damaged singer and influencer Teyana Taylor’s home.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Tasha K, who was found guilty of defamation after going to trial with Cardi B, said to the Queen of the Barbz, “We’re just talking about Megan. You know she done fu***d up Teyana Taylor’s house. Teyana had to sell that house. You know Megan was renting that house, and that’s why [she] and [stylist E.J. King] fell out.”

While the “Savage” rapper didn’t go blow for blow with the YouTuber, she did let her rebuttal be known in a very casual way. She liked a tweet from another blogger named Ken Barbie who shared the house Tasha K was talking about. This was not the same house that was jacked of $300K to $400K in jewelry, cash, and electronics during a burglary.

Ken Barbie wrote, “Meg rented from Teyana from a very short period in 2019 and left very early 2020. Teyana just sold the home nearly a month ago, it is not the same home of Meg’s that was recently burglarized. Tasha also raised false allegations on Meg’s fall out with her former stylist EJ King.”

Tasha K jumped into the comments and said, “And tell your minion blogger. He got the story wrong… ain’t nobody say nothing about Teyana selling that home because of you. What I said was is that she is selling the home@she let you rent & damaged! And now that your home was burglarized, she don’t care cause Karma is a b****! Is what I said!”

Adding, “You damaged that lady house. She had to run you down for her bread. Ej suggested you rent out one of her homes to that lady. On top of of trying to skip out on damages and back rent. Ej had to run you down for his 80k in work he did for you! Meg please! Yeah you rented the home then, but they both had to run you down for the bread you owed them… Ej!!😱😱.”

One fan wrote something so many have been thinking, “Tasha ain’t learned her lesson yet??”

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Tasha K still owes Cardi B $3.8 million.