Tech N9ne Is The Highest Paid Independent Artist of 2021!


Overall, more than thirty years are invested into his craft. So, longevity continues to smile upon Aaron Yates. In fact, he makes the Cash Kings List. Of course, Tech N9ne is the highest paid independent artist of 2021!

After all, the former Forbes editor, Zack O’Malley Greenburg, is responsible for creating the “Hip Hop Cash Kings” list. Recently, he pivots and releases the highest-paid rappers of 2021. So now, his website, Zogblog, affirms Tecca Nina’s stunning accomplishment.

Generally speaking, Hip-Hop is the United States most popular musical genre. Moreover, its demand roughly equates to the combined popularity of Country and Rock music, as reports MRC Data. All things considered, Mr. K.C., MO is putting on for his city.

Regardless, of the pandemic’s financial strain, the Everready MC proves that he understands how to generate and to sustain wealth. So, as an astute lyricist and a shrewd businessman, he is winning. Needless to say, the “previously unreported digital-only catalog deal that added eight figures,” soundly secures his entrenched standing.

Although, he embraces the Indie grind, the Strange Music boss ties with two other major label artists. Accordingly, in 2021, Birdman, Doja Cat and the platinum wordsmith each respectively earns $25 million. As can be seen, the ASIN9NE entertainer is worth his weight in lyrics.

Mr. Yates’ Accomplishment.

10. Tech N9ne — $25 million
10. Doja Cat — $25 million
10. Birdman — $25 million
9. J. Cole — $27 million
8. Eminem — $28 million
7. DJ Khaled — $35 million
6. Travis Scott — $38 million
5. Wiz Khalifa — $35 million
4. Drake — $50 million
3. Diddy — $75 million
2. Kanye West — $250 million
1. JAY-Z — $470 million

Donny’s Future.

Although, his impressive list of enduring collabs boasts everyone from Tupac Shakur to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mr. Yates continues to strive for greatness. Check him out live in the flesh. Certainly, the Tech N9ne, ASIN9NE Tour 2022 will be epic. In addition, X-Raided, ¡Mayday! and Joey Cool will be performing.