Will Tekashi 69 Be Able To Make It Back To Hip-Hop Music?

Think Tekashi 69 won’t be able to come back? Think again!

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is a raging discussion that has continued to carry on in the community. Will Tekashi 69 be able to come back to music? A lot of people have stated quite emphatically, “NO!” A snowflake has a better shot in the Devil’s oven than Tekashi 6ix9ine being accepted within the Hip-Hop community!

However, just today sources with TMZ has revealed that the super snitch has made a pair of proclamations. 1) He will refuse protective custody that has been offered to him from the government. And 2) He will make a return to Hip-Hop once he is released. 

Here is where we see the generational and cultural differences. Early indications suggest that Tekashi 69 may actually have a career post snitching. Younger people don’t really abide by the rules of snitching the way the older generation does. Now, that does not mean the old heads didn’t snitch! And that may be why the younger ones are so good at it. Anyway, there is a contingency of people that will NEVER mess with Tekashi ever again. Most artists won’t work with him, but maybe T-Pain will. He said he would “snitch so hard” and sympathized with the rapper. 

I think a lot of people will too. As far as New York and the surrounding area, I don’t think he can come home to Brooklyn ever again. What would the insurance be on such a show? What promoter would put their name on a show with Tekashi 6ix9ine. Would people buy tickets just to ruin the show? It would be tough! I think so.

He will need all those guns!

To me the biggest question of is – was he really a plant? Was he just super deep cover? I cannot imagine that he would try to come back to rap as if nothing happened. However, he would if he was well funded! The cost of that sort of security would be astronomical! I can’t even fathom how pricey it would be. He would have to be touring relentlessly!